Modern Warfare step in right direction for Call of Duty Franchise


The popular game franchise, Call of Duty, has released their newest game in the Call of Duty series, going back to its roots with Modern Warfare. This is their sixteenth game in the series. Their reputation with their last couple of games for having badly made games and having no replayability. Modern Warfare is an attempt to cater to older players, adding returning characters like Captain Price into the campaign and putting in weapons from the old Modern Warfares. Have they executed right or did they flop yet another time?

The first thing they did right was the campaign and how it was constructed visually and gameplay-wise. Visually, the colors are used well in their different situations. When used correctly, the colors can be a very useful tool for making the game better. Some of the best COD games have the most vibrant colors, and this game hits that mark with its visuals. Its gameplay is one of the best in the series’s recent years. The way the series has recently been played has been slow and had no replayability. This campaign has all of that. It seems like I can play this campaign over and over again without getting bored. It reminds me of the older games that had some of the most historic campaigns of all time. 

Going into the next mode of the game and the most popular, Multiplayer has been more of a cash grab for Activision in the last years with their microtransactions. The way the game played was slow and uninteresting. Players felt they couldn’t play more than one game without not wanting to get off of the game. This game flips that around. It’s fast paced with a variety of weapons to use and has that replayability after every game. It’s a major upgrade to what the last games have been like. 

Still, there are bad qualities to the game. The load in screen is still long for a game that came out in 2019. The gameplay still has hitches and has players using mostly the same guns. There is still a lot of time to improve the game with patches and little buffs and nerfs to guns to make the game more fit for all users. The game at times can be incomplete as well with not enough weapons to play with. Its maps can be large at times and the new game modes aren’t as innovative and fun as described by developers. However, I would have to give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s definitely a huge step in the right direction, but it still needs work and has flaws in some of the most important parts of the game.