NBA2K22 Review


NBA2K22 is here. After such a disappointing game last year, 2K players had high hopes for a great new game. They delivered. With new graphics, game modes, and soundtrack, this might be one of the best NBA2K’s ever created. NBA 2K22 was released on September 10th, and came out in 3 different versions, such as the old gen version, next gen, and cross platform version. 


You could instantly tell the difference between last year’s game, such as the stamina dropoff when dribbling, no more speed boosting, and different dribbling animations. The community is thrilled with these changes, which is already an amazing start to this year’s game.


MyCareer is easily the most popular game mode every single year, and there are lots of changes to it. The past few years, you can earn certain reps depending on your game performance, but now there are levels. There are seasons where you can work your way up to the highest level, level 40. If you hit level 40 in all 4 of the seasons throughout the duration of the game, you will be able to hit legend, the most prestigious honor to achieve in MyCareer. 


MyTeam, which is also one of the more popular modes in NBA2K, also has various changes. You can create your own lineup of the NBA’s superstars from past and present to make your team the way you want it to be. The gameplay is a lot different and so are many of the animations. The starter cards are a lot less overpowered, and you need a little more skill to be a winning team this year. There is also a 150,000 XP battle pass where you need to play to earn XP, and earn the ultimate level 40 prize, a pink diamond Carmelo Anthony.


So far, NBA2K22 is easily appearing as one of the best 2K’s we’ve had in years, and the community is thrilled. Especially because of how terrible NBA2K21 was. Mike Wang and other 2K developers are really on top of their game and want to make sure this year’s game is one of the best we’ve seen. By the end of the year, we could be looking at a game that will go down in history.