Rotary Interact’s Ukraine Fundraiser


The RMHS rotary interact club, known for various service projects they participate in throughout the year, has just begun their most recent fundraiser. This week during all lunches, Rotary Interact Club students will be in the cafeteria collecting donations for their Spring 2022 International Fundraiser in support of, with a focus on the Ukraine crisis. 

      “With the war happening, the club wanted this year’s fundraiser to directly contribute to helping those affected by the Ukraine crisis which is why we chose to raise money for ShelterBox Ukraine. We wanted to raise money in a fun way which is why when you donate, you can nominate a teacher to be pied in the face. Ultimately, the club had really fun with this project and we know that with whatever money we fundraise, we’re making a difference,” said Junior Katerina Fronimos

     The club found a way to put a fun twist on the fundraiser in an effort to encourage people to donate. You can donate a dollar and receive a sticker or you can donate a dollar and vote to pie a teacher in the face. Over 30 teachers/staff members have volunteered to help support this cause and the students are very excited to collect votes and donations. The Top 3 vote-getters out of all of the teachers will get pied in the face after school on Friday. There will also be a 50/50 raffle for students who choose to donate this week. 

    “ The shelterbox Ukraine project is not only a great way to get students involved but also tremendously benefits Ukrainian refugees in need. RMHS Rotary Interact Club has been working hard these past weeks to set up this fundraiser and we’re grateful for the proceeds so far,” said Junior Maria Fronimos.