A Teacher to Celebrate

Cindy Trent has been a D214 teacher for 33 years. Her career began at Elk Grove and Rolling Meadows High Schools and will come to a stellar finish at RMHS. 

With a degree in Math and Spanish, Trent started teaching bilingual classes as a student teacher and fell in love with the profession. She was hired first as a bilingual math and science teacher. 

“My Spanish really grew the first couple of years,” Trent said. “Imagine teaching science, both biology, and physical science, in another language.” And Trent did imagine it, experience it, and grow as a teacher and a person because of her years teaching multilingually. 

“I really enjoy my students.  That’s the best part of the job,” said Trent. Ms. Trent has always had a focus on helping her students, and it shows in the way RMHS students talk about her. 

“Ms. Trent is a great teacher, always ready to help out if we have a question. She motivates me to learn and try harder when I get something wrong so I can practice and get better at math,” sophomore Rupsa Mitra said, a current student in Trent’s Precalc class. 

“She’s always willing to accommodate the class’s needs,” senior Angelus Vazhappilly said, who was in Trent’s class last year. 

Trent has been an inspiration to her STEM students from the start. Trent is a student favorite and impactful to everyone who has set foot in her classroom.

“She was so nice and funny and so easy to talk to. She was a wonderful teacher who always had great advice. She is such an interesting person, and I admire her. I didn’t realize how much I would miss her until I stopped being in her class. I wish her a wonderful retirement filled with lots of love,” junior Catherine James said, a former student of Trent’s. 

“She was always cheerful and energetic, and she never made you feel bad if you didn’t understand a concept,” junior Kyren Whiting said.

Though this is her final year of teaching, Ms. Trent will stay in RMHS’s memory for a long time. Trent, ever the wise sage, gave some advice for present and future RMHS-goers: “Do something you love to do. Don’t bring the job home with you. Have hobbies. Say yes to opportunities.”