J.A.G – A Helpful Program

Recently, Mr. Brian Sanchez joined RMHS forces, and he has been promoting the JAG program. JAG stands for Jobs for American Graduates.

 “This program, essentially, prepares juniors and seniors for post-high school,” Sanchez said. 

In other words, this program is aimed at juniors and seniors so that they can get ready for life after high school and whatever they want to do, such as college or a job. This model consists of a comprehensive set of services designed to keep young people in school through graduation and improve their success rates in education and career.

 JAG will give students an advantage that will set them apart from all other youth in today’s emerging workforce through student-centered programs that help young people achieve their fullest potential. 

Sanchez was looking for a school that focuses entirely on helping its students become the best version of themselves. He found that at RMHS, describing it as inspiring and motivating. 

In addition, Sanchez works with many students and helps them turn in assignments, build good relationships with teachers and improve grades. These classes are called Academic Remediation. He works with the counselors and together, they guide students to prepare them for the life ahead. 

“In this class, we learn things that we can actually use. It helps me get a feel for life after high school and I learn some information that I did not know before,” junior Cynthia Arcos said.  

Junior Christian Martínez agrees.  “We learn how to become better versions of ourselves. Mr. Sanchez teaches us about business, work, and a bunch of other useful things that no other classes tell us.”