Mid-Day Yoga

Sometimes in the middle of the school day our minds need to rest from all the work that is given to us throughout the day. However, not all of us may wish to engage in regular physical activities such as running, lifting weights, and playing sports. Some of us need both a mind-booster and physical flow. The next best option available is yoga.

The yoga program at RMHS started when Principal Hart reached out to Ms. Walsh as she had heard Ms.Walsh had been teaching at CorePower yoga over the summer. She encouraged Ms.Walsh to get her PE certification and start a yoga class. Ms. Walsh did exactly that and so the RMHS yoga program was born. 

The program was officially started in the 2020-2021 school year when everything was still remote. This was the perfect time to launch the program as everyone needed a mind-boost as well as a physical flow to get them going. Ever since then, the program has been very successful and many students have enrolled in it. Yoga fulfills the body’s craving for movement as well as the mind’s craving for stillness. It combines meditation with physical movement that can help release tension as well as help us improve our mental well-being. 

Ms. Walsh says that she credits yoga for saving her life and helping her develop more sustainable approaches with emotional regulation, stress, and weight management. She hopes that she can teach students how they can use yoga as a tool to help them in ways that they may need it most.