The Madrigal Dinner: A Magical Night of Tradition


The Holidays mean many different things to many different people. Whether it be having dinner with family or participating in a religious ceremony, everyone has a tradition. Here at RMHS, our tradition is The Madrigal Dinner.

The 36th Annual Madrigal Dinner will take place on Sunday, December 18th at 5 pm at The Cotillion Banquets in Palatine. Over 50 RMHS students come together to create a night full of holiday cheer, along with a Renaissance twist to it. Students participate in everything from acting, singing, playing instruments, and dancing to make this a unique, memorable night. The event is usually filled with around 200-300 audience members, including RMHS families, teachers, students, and community members. 

“The Madrigal Dinner is the biggest event of the Christmas season for the Madrigal Singers; it’s basically our Super Bowl!” Jennalee Cox said, a senior who is part of the Madrigal Singers.   

While the audience enjoys their dinner, The Madrigal Singers put on a show. They sing everything from traditional Christmas carols to modern Christmas carols, and even Christmas carols from other countries. To accompany them, students who play brass or string instruments join in. They perform some pieces of music on their own as well. To bring in some more entertainment for the audience, student actors and dancers perform skits along with the Singers and interact with the audience in between skits and songs. Overall, The Madrigal Dinner combines all the possible holiday entertainment that one could want in one night.

 “The dinner makes the holidays worth it as it makes the magic of the holidays come alive,” Ann Marie Pollard said, who is part of the Madrigal Singers. 

 The Madrigal Dinner is a night full of tradition, holiday cheer, and entertainment. These students put their hearts and souls into making the night fun and memorable. So, if you are looking for a way to get into the Holiday spirit or begin a new Holiday tradition, get tickets to this year’s Madrigal Dinner!