V-Show Goes to Hollywood!


Everybody’s favorite wacky collection of entertaining acts is back! V-Show will be November 9-12, and tryouts for dance troupes, individual acts, and more are starting up. 

Kate McNally, teacher director of the variety show, has been part of the V-Show fun at RMHS for 22 years. “I really hope that the acts in our show are a real reflection of all of the different types of students we have and love at Rolling Meadows High School,” McNally said. 

Every year has a new and exciting set of performances, from baton twirling and sketch comedy acts to dance troupes and instrument playing. But no matter how different these acts are, they always tie together into one great performance. “V-Show is a family. Being a part of the amazing cast changes your life for the better,” said McNally. 

V-Show is a great experience that keeps students coming back for more. This year there is a great group of student directors overall and for each act, all of them seniors who have been doing V-Show for years. 

Daniel Ridler, part of the sketch comedy group Continuity, has been in the show its past few runs and is now a student director of the act. 

“I kind of knew that I was going to be Continuity director in the future, because me and Alex (also a student director) were the only two freshmen in the act. Even with it being inevitable, this has been a moment I’ve been looking forward to since freshman year,” Ridler said.

“I love the community in V-Show and especially Continuity, everyone working together to create a clever dancing act of talent,” he continued.  Ridler is extremely excited for this year, and has grand plans to steal snacks backstage from whoever will let him. 

New performers are also getting excited about V-Show as rehearsals and practices for acts are beginning. Lauren Oh is a sophomore who will be part of an act for the first time this year. 

“I decided to join V-Show this year because I heard that it was a very big thing at our school, and someone from band decided to ask me to join their ensemble. I knew that V-Show was a talent show that showcased many different skills that people have, including dancing, singing, etcetera,” Oh said. Oh and her group plan to try out with their performance of “Merry-Go-Round of Life” from Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle

Each year, V-Show has a new theme. Last year was all about the 2000’s, and this year’s focus is Hollywood. “V-Show Goes to Hollywood” is bound to be a blast, with an all-encompassing theme for the show that any act can have a place in. If you want to be a part of the action, the V-Show Schoology code is 7CPG-KZV2-W2H32. If not, hope to see you watching the show!