Senior Column: Gabbie Scianna


I read every senior column I could find trying to figure out what to say or how to say it, but everyone had such different ways of saying goodbye. So I figured the best way for me to do it is to find my own way. I took journalism as a filler class one year because my counselor said I wasn’t a great writer and could get better at writing and thought this would help. News flash, it didn’t work out, I didn’t get any better at writing. I failed the class both semesters. How I ended up in the pacer is beyond me. I was just going to stay in the lower multimedia classes and get better, but Lussow told me to join the others so I did. I ended up becoming a PR manager and Social Media Manager for my senior year.

This has to be the hardest part. Saying goodbye to something I never really got the chance to fully understand and have. I learned InDesign and how the Pacer functions just this year. I learned a lot and I’m glad I was able to be a part of this for the short time that I was.

Saying goodbye to this group is also difficult. While we may make rude comments to each other and make fun of each other, I do love and care for all of them and I’m going to miss them. I wish I found the Pacer sooner or even cared about the year where I failed the class. 

I came to RMHS as a sophomore then covid hit and I lost my chance to be a normal teenager again. I went into a depressive state where I felt like all my teachers hated me except for Lussow. She was the only one who understood me; that’s one of the reasons why I kept trying. I told her I’m a better student in person and I think I proved it this year. I showed her how much work I can actually put in if I’m not sad. and Lussow has done so much for me. I’m so grateful for her and all the Pacer staff. The Pacer felt like a home; it’s the only part of high school I’m having a hard time saying goodbye to.

I don’t know what else to say but I almost feel jealous of all the people who found the pacer freshman year. If I have any suggestions for any underclassmen, don’t be afraid to do something if you are on the fence about it.