NFL Predictions Week 1


As the NFL starts, we have thought a fun thing to do every week is to predict the NFL week after week.


Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:30pm Thursday


The Bucs are coming off a super bowl win and still have the Goat at QB. They didn’t lose a single player on the dominant defense that pushed them to the Super Bowl. The Boys are looking better with the return of Dak Prescott and a fully healthy offensive line. With no defense to stop the Bucs offense, we see this to be an easy W for the Bucs.

Cowboys 20 Bucs 34


Seattle Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts 12:00pm Sunday


The Seahawks were one of the most polarizing teams this offseason with the Russell Wilson saga. Even with him still being in Seattle, I don’t trust their offense line. The Colts on the other hand, have a new QB under center in Carson Wentz. But with an injury looming, I don’t know if he will start week one. Even if he doesn’t, I love this Colts offense with Jonathon Taylor leading the pack and a suffocating defense boasting the names of Darius Leonard and Malik Hooker.

Seahawks 17 Colts 27


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans 12:00pm


The Jags and Texans are two very different teams in their timelines. The Jags have just gained there franchise QB while Houston’s franchise QB is under fire for 26 sexual assault cases and doesnt want to be in Houston. Even if Watson was still playing, this Houston team is so depleted at every other position it would be hard for them to stop Trevor Lawerence and the Jags.

Jags 31 Texans 14


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons 12:00pm


The Eagles are a very confusing team to gauge. In one moment I see them as a team on the rise with Jalen Hurts and Devonta Smith being a connection for years. But they also have a nunce as their head coach in Nick Sirani. The Falcons traded away their best threat on offense in Juilo Jones and their defense couldn’t stop a red solo cup from scoring a touchdown.

Eagles 34 Falcons 17


LA Chargers vs. Washington Football Team 12:00pm


The Chargers and WFT is one of those games I’m very intrigued in. It’s best strength versus best strength. The Chargers have a high powered offense with second year QB Justin Herbert under center, the very versatile Austin Ekeler at RB and the deep threat of Keenan Allen out wide. But with all of that, the most frustrating part of this offense is the poor offensive line. And with the star studded defensive line of Washington I expect this to be a bloodbath in the trenches.

Chargers 17 WFT 24


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills 12:00pm


This game is going to be a fun one. The Steelers defense resembles the Steel curtain of the old 2000’s teams boasting names like T.J. Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick. While the Bills have a splendid offense with names like Pro Bowler Josh Allen, and the leader in receiving yards last year, Stefon Diggs. I think this game will come down to who has the strongest weakness. I think the Bills have a better defense than the old and decrepit Steelers offense.

Steelers 14 Bills 20


San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions 12:00pm


If my bias were to show I would say Lions 100 to 0. But we know that is not going to happen. The Lions are depleted at almost every position other than RB and the offensive line. While the 49ers are getting everyone back from injury and are looking to make a push this year. This is going to be ugly.

49ers 42 Lions 14


Minnesota Vikings vs. Cincinnati Bengals 12:00pm


Two years ago this preview would be one sentence. But with the emergence of Tee Higgins and Joe Burrow, this game should be a fun one to watch. Even with that, Burrow has no one to protect him and the Vikings defense will eat him up. With no defense to help Burrow, Dalvin Cook and the Vikings are surely set to have a huge game.

Vikings 35 Bengals 24


New York Jets vs. Carolina Panthers 12:00pm


The Jets are the laughing stock of the league. Even with Zach Wilson at QB. Pin Christian McCaffery to have a huge game and Sam Darnold to pick apart his alma mater.

Panthers 31 Jets 17


Arizona Cardinals vs. Tennessee Titans 12:00pm


This game is the battle of the two dark horse Super Bowl teams. The Titans made a big pickup in Julio Jones this offseason to already bolster an offense of Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown and Ryan Tannehill. The Cardinals are a fun team and well led by Kyler Murray and Deondre Hopkins. With no running game for the Cards I’m expecting Murray to throw close to 50 times this game. Even with all of the throwing from Murray the Titans should clean up easily.

Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs 3:25pm


I love this matchup. The rematch of last year’s AFC divisional round and both teams have somewhat stayed the same. The Chiefs are coming off of a Super Bowl loss and look hungry to make it back to the promised land. Mahomes, Kelce, Edwards-Helaire and Tyreek Hill all star on this class act of a Chiefs team. On the other side, the Browns have an improved offensive line, another year of experience under the belts of the young defense and huge potential to make a run at the division this year. I expect this to be a close game but ultimately one where the Chiefs pull it out.

Browns 24 Chiefs 31

Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots 3:25pm


This might be a very hot take, but the New England Patriots are on a path to win their division this year. No hate on the dolphins, we’ll get to them on why I don’t trust them but the Pats have added Mac Jones and still have the stacked defense from years past. With much improved offense weapons Jones should have a field day. The Dolphins scare me with not much of a running game and Tua being so shaky in the end of games last year. This one is easy for me.

Dolphins 17 Patriots 28

Denver Broncos vs. New York Giants 3:25pm


Wow. What a game. Two bottom feeder teams  that don’t have much to talk about. If I knew at this time that Saquon was playing week 1, I would take the Giants but without him. I just don’t see Daniel Jones picking apart a healthy defense in the Broncos.

Broncos 17 Giants 7

Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints 3:25pm


This game intrigues me a bunch. On one side I see the Jameis Winston led Saints that have an incredible offense and great weapons with a turnover bakery at QB. On the other side I have no idea how the Packers will fare with an unenthused Aaron Rodgers under center. Even if he’s not fully on his game Rodgers is Rodgers and his bad season are great seasons for other QB’s. With all the weapons around Rodgers it’s hard to go against him this week.

Packers 34 Saints 24

Baltimore Ravens vs. Las Vegas Raiders 7:15pm


Wow. Another real barn burner. Not much to say here. The Raiders fired their whole o-line and still have no defense. For Lamar Jackson that means running room for days. The Ravens already have a great defense to stop the mediocre Raiders offense. This is an easy one

Ravens 35 Raiders 17

Chicago Bears vs. LA Rams 7:30pm


I’m going to try to keep my bias out of this. The Bears are very interesting to say the least. So many are high on newly drafted QB Justin Fields and the organization still decided to go with Andy Dalton as QB1 to start the season. Like I said… Interesting. No matter who’s under center for the Bears, they have to face a vicious defense with guys like Aaron Donald to rush the QB and Jalen Ramsey to cover over the top. Oh and by the way the Rams have a new QB. You’re very familiar with him. His name is Matt Stafford. With the weapons he has and the defense to keep him fresh, I see Stafford picking apart this very good Bears defense.

Bears 20 Rams 34