NFL Predictions Week 3


Oh my. We are geniuses. More me than anybody else, but wow. A record of 11-5 from last week’s games puts us at a total of 18-14. That’s over .500, and that’s all I can ask. With that being said, let’s hop in because we have another full slate of games.


Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans 7:20 PM Thursday


I know my last two predictions have been very small for the Texans, but they’ve shown me that they could be for real. They kept up with a good Browns team last week and impressed me. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to pick against them again. Sam Darnold is on fire, CMC looks healthy and is tearing things up while the defense shutout a Saints team that scored 38 in week 1.

But…Big Carolina guy here.

Panthers 34 Texans 27



Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs 12:00 PM Sunday


The Chargers are good. Let’s start there before I completely dismantle any hopes of them winning. Herbert looks stellar and Keenan Allen looks explosive. But they just can’t seem to put it all together in drives. Ekeler has been disappointing to say the least. The defense has played well, but not well enough to win. They’re also playing the Chiefs. And the Chiefs are good. Really good. If it wasn’t for a costly fumble from Clyde Edward-Helaire last game,  they would be 2-0. So I am picking Chiefs by a medium margin. 

Chargers 20 Chiefs 34


Arizona Cardinals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jags are bad. The Cardinals are good. The Jags are on a cold streak. The Cardinals are the hottest team in football. Do I need to say more?

Cardinals 31 Jags 13


Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns 


3 straight INTs…. Really? The Bears were very fortunate to say the least last week. Justin Fields is almost guaranteed a starting spot next week with the red rifle going down with an ankle injury. Fields looked solid when in, but only threw for 60 yards and had plenty of chances to throw for more. He also faces a very good defense in the Browns who are hungry for their third win. The offense looks unstoppable and the defense is steady like always. I know you’re getting bored of me saying the Bears are going to lose…But the Bears are going to lose. 

Bears 17 Browns 28


Washington Football Team vs. Buffalo Bills


Let’s give a round of applause for Bills Mafia. A shutout is incredible, even if Tua left the game with a horrific rib injury. Go Bills! With that being said, the defense was still dominant and the offense was good enough. However, something is pushing me towards Washington. Maybe it’s their world class defense. Maybe it’s Scary Terry being very fast and very good. Or maybe it’s Taylor Heineke and just him being him. It’s probably the latter. I think this is going to be a good game for sure, but, I can’t believe I’m saying this, I think Washington is going to come out on top. 

WFT 24 Bills 20


Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans 


The Colts did well this week except for an unfortunate injury to Carson Wentz and the ensuing drive made by Jacob Eason that looked atrocious. If it’s Jacob Eason -this one’s easy. If it’s not, the Titans need to do what they did last week to Seattle. Give Derrick Henry the ball and throw it up to Julio and pray. That’s a good enough game plan for me to pick the Titans. 

(Wentz) Colts 20 Titans 31 (Eason) Colts 10 Titans 34


New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots


When I found out that Ian Book was making subs for the Saints last week, I knew I picked the game wrong. Hopefully, they get their coaching staff back because they’re playing the GOAT of all coaches. For the Pats, they played a horrific Jets team that threw 4 cookies to their defense. I think Jameis could do the same thing, but Sean Payton doesn’t take losses lightly, so I have to go with the Saints on this one. 

Saints 24 Pats 17


Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants


Wow… two really bad teams! This could be a really fun game if Saquon and Matt Ryan can get their heads out of their butts. With that being said, this game comes down to which I like more, and as we know, the Falcons secondary is as thin as swiss cheese, so I’m taking the Giants. 

Falcons 17 Giants 28


Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers


Man, a fall from grace Mr. Burrow. Three straight INT’s on three straight passes. With that being said, I don’t see that happening again, but I do see him throwing at least one pick to the Steel Curtain. I also see this Steelers team putting a beat down on Burrow and the Bengals ghostly offensive line. 

Bengals 14 Steelers 24


Baltimore Ravens vs. Detroit Lions


The Ravens beat the Chiefs. The Lions are the Lions. That’s it. That’s the summary. Ravens win. 

Ravens 31 Lions 10


New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos 3:05 PM


Zach Wilson threw 4 INT’s last week. The Broncos defense is better than the Patriots defense. You know where I’m going with this one.

Jets 13 Broncos 27


Miami Dolphins vs. Las Vegas Raiders


The Raiders are 2-0. You heard that right. The Raiders are 2-0 against the Ravens and the Steelers. Derek Carr leads the league in passing yards. This is a simulation we live in. Gruden and the Raiders have started off hot and the Dolphins have Jacoby Brissett at starting QB. I love the Dolphins, but with no Tua, they’re basically nothing. Go Raiders. 

Dolphins 10 Raiders 31


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams 


The matinee event of all the games. The reigning champs play against the newly improved super bowl contender, the Los Angeles Rams. The Bucs beat the Falcons with ease last week and the Rams showed a little bit of weakness almost falling to the Colts. The safe pick here is the Bucs. Picking with Tom Brady is never the wrong answer, and they have beat both teams they’ve faced with ease. But there’s something that is pulling me towards the Rams. Matty Staff has looked world class; Aaron Donald looks dominant as always; Cooper Kupp might be the best receiver in the league right now. Screw it. Rams over Bucs

Bucs 28 Rams 31


Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings 


The Vikings are an interesting team to say the least. One week I think Kirk and the boys are dead in the dirt and the next week Dalvin Cook runs for a ton of yards and the receiving core goes god-mode just for them to lose off of a missed field goal. They’re playing the Seahawks who played 2 and a half quarters of great football last week and are juggernauts in the first five games of the season. I see Kirk having a rough day with Jamal Adams in his face every play. 

Seahawks 30 Vikings 21


Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers 7:20 PM


The Pack is back, baby. And now that they’ve got their easy win, let’s see how they fare against a good defense in the 9ers. The 9ers have looked really good with a rejuvenated Jimmy Garroppolo behind the wheel and the defense being stellar over the past two weeks. There’s one big issue with the 9ers. Their whole running back room is hurt. Mostert, Mitchell, Hasty and Sermon all have injuries with Sermon’s being probably the least significant. The Packers have found their whole offense, and it all goes through Aaron Jones. Jones had 4 TD’s last week and is hungry for more. With all that being said, these games are usually super close, but I think I have to go with the pack this week. 

Packers 31 49ers 27


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys 7:20 PM Monday 


The two best teams in the worst division in the league. The Cowboys have looked solid over the past two weeks, but were pretty limited last week on offense. The Eagles have been a big surprise in the past 2 weeks, with that being said, the Eagles played a good defense last week and got beaten down pretty hard. Good for them. They play a horrid defense in the Cowboys. I like Dallas and their offense but I just don’t think they can keep up with the Eagles offense as they will probably score every drive against this horrific defense. 

Eagles 31 Cowboys 21