NFL Predictions Week 4


11-5 is another great week. That puts our overall record to 29-19. I think we’re getting better at this football thing. With that being said let’s jump right into the predictions.

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) Thursday 7:20 PM

You know what, give credit where credit is due. The Jags played well last week. They still lost. They’re playing a team hot out of a win over a divisional foe. These TNF games need to get better. Bengals win.

Jags 13 Bengals 27

Tennessee Titans (2-1) vs. New York Jets (0-3) Sunday 12:00 PM

The Jets are bad. The Titans have Derrick Henry. Titans by a lot. 

Titans 34 Jets 6

Detroit Lions (0-3) vs. Chicago Bears (1-2)

What an impressive showing from Chicago’s savior Justin Fields. Sacked 8 times and threw for a measly 68 yards. He looks really good. Although he is playing the Lions this week and that’s always a plus. The Lions looked really good against the Ravens. We will not speak of a certain field goal that may or may not be an NFL record. Other than that, they played great and I think the defense can cause enough damage to Fields to fluster him. I’m going to say this again but JARED GOFF TO THE MOON!

Lions 20 Bears 10

Indianapolis Colts (0-3) vs. Miami Dolphins (1-2)

The Colts have been so unlucky I feel bad. They have competed in every game and even gave the Rams a run for their money. But Carson Wentz doesn’t have ankles anymore and T.Y. Hilton just doesn’t exist anymore. Still, they play the Dolphins that have JB7 behind the wheel and even though he played well against a good Raiders team, I just can’t trust him yet. 

Colts 24 Dolphins 17

Cleveland Browns (2-1) vs. Minnesota Vikings (1-2)

I am in love with this Browns team. Baker looks great, Chubb is on fire and the defense may be the best in the league. Their coach is a stud as well. Speaking of their coach, they play his former more underwhelming Vikings. I love the talent but they can never really put it all together. With the possibility of Dalvin Cook missing another week, it makes this pick really easy.

Browns 27 Vikings 20

Washington Football Team (1-2) vs. Atlanta Falcons (1-2) 

Here we have two completely different 1-2 teams. In one corner we have the aspiring Washington Football team and their suffocating defense that got torched by an angry Josh Allen last week. In the other corner, we have the Pillsbury doughboy of NFL teams in the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons beat a very bad Giants team last week, and it doesn’t show me much. You can see where this is going. 

WFT 20 Falcons 10

Houston Texans (1-2) vs. Buffalo Bills (2-1) 

The Texans after showing potential in the last two weeks showed their real colors against the Panthers. The Bills beat the absolute snot out of a good Washington defense. I don’t see this going well for Houston. 

Texans 13 Bills 34

New York Giants (0-3) vs. New Orleans Saints (2-1)

God the Giants are bad. And even if I still don’t know how good the Saints really are, I do know they are better than the Giants. 

Giants 17 Saints 31

Kansas City Chiefs (1-2) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)

Mr. Mahomes, can you explain to me how you can lose to a divisional opponent with the talent you have at your disposal? This is the first time the Chiefs have been under .500 since 2015 and I think they’re going to come out angry this week. The Eagles looked terrible against the Cowboys and were exposed on the defensive side. They showed flaws, and I think Andy Reid will capitalize on those weaknesses. 

Chiefs 42 Eagles 17

Carolina Panthers (3-0) vs. Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

Oh. My. Carolina. The Panthers are 3-0 and they looked pretty potent, but they’ve played a lot of very bad teams. And Christian McCaffery is out for the foreseeable future. The Cowboys have also looked very good. The offense is one of the best in the league as it should be with the large quantity of talent. I can’t trust the Panthers just yet, their easy schedule and the injury to McCaffery has made me retract all of my Panthers hype. Cowboys get the dub. 

Panthers 21 Cowboys 31

Seattle Seahawks (1-2) vs. San Francisco 49ers (2-1) 3:05 PM

The Seahawks have been very disappointing the past couple of weeks. They have shown a lot of holes, especially in the defense and Jamal Adams is the core of their struggles. Adams can’t get anything going on defense which makes that defense basically nothing nullifying the whole offense and any chances to win. The 49ers are on the side of very exciting. Jimmy looks incredible, the defense is back to great health and the running back room might be saved with Trey Sermon. I think the 9ers D will bottle up Russ and with how bad the Seahawks defense is, I see this becoming a dominant 9ers win. 

Seahawks 24 49ers 35

Arizona Cardinals (3-0) vs. Los Angeles Rams (3-0)

Kyler vs. Stafford. The matinee of this slate of games. The Cards are really good and I think the offense is also good. But the Rams look so unstoppable, it’s hard to pick against them. The Rams beat up on the defending champs last week and it looked pretty easy. The Stafford to Kupp connection has been lethal and the defense is so freaking good it stopped Tom Brady last week. I love Kyler, and the way he’s been playing has MVP caliber, but Stafford has played better and has the better team around him. Plus McVay>Kingsbury

Cards 24 Rams 38

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) vs. Green Bay Packers (2-1)

The Steelers scare me. On one hand, they have a bunch of talent, but it seems like the old fart that plays QB is dragging that all down. The defense doesn’t look as dominant as it once was. And Aaron Rodgers is back to being Aaron Rodgers. Let’s go Pack.

Steelers 20 Packers 31

Baltimore Ravens (2-1) vs. Denver Broncos (3-0)

66 yards. 66 whole yards. I hate Justin Tucker. Now that that is taken care of. This game is a huge test for Denver. They’ve played high school teams the past three weeks and this week we get to see Teddy 2 gloves face a challenging opponent for once. The Ravens were one very lucky kick away from losing to the Lions, so I don’t know how much I trust them. And since Mr. Tucker hit this incredible field goal against my favorite team, go Broncos. 

Ravens 20 Broncos 24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) vs. New England Patriots (1-2) 7:20 PM

The battle of Brady vs Belichek. The matchup we’ve been waiting for since he signed with Tampa. Although I don’t see this one being very close. The Bucs are just too stacked on offense and even though the secondary is riddled with injuries the front 7 still is lethal. And with how Mac Jones has been playing lately I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws a couple of presents to the defense. Brady prevails in his return to Foxborough.

Bucs 34 Pats 21

Las Vegas Raiders (3-0) vs. Los Angeles Chargers (2-1) 7:20 PM Monday

Two words. Jon Gruden. He’s made this Raiders team into a playoff contender. Derek Carr is a top QB in the league and they won without Josh Jacobs. The defense is a bunch of no-names that band together to stop a good offense from scoring. I put that all on Jon Gruden. With that being said, the Chargers are coming off a big win against the Chiefs and Justin Herbert looks primed to be an MVP candidate. The defense showed up big last week and played a well-rounded game against probably the most talented team in the league. But the Raiders have played so well I can’t pick against them even if they are playing a hot Chargers team.

Raiders 27 Chargers 21