NFL Week 7 Predictions


With a short week, we did pretty well with a solid 10-4 record. That puts us at a respectable 58-36 on the year. What can I say, we’re just getting better every week. With that being said, I know what all of you are here for. Let’s get into it.


Denver Broncos (3-3) vs. Cleveland Browns (3-3) Thursday 7:20PM


This Broncos team is a fraud. Plain and simple fraud. They can’t call a single positive yardage play on offense and the only positive thing is their defense. On the other side, the Browns are so injury riddled that I don’t know if I can trust a defense with no secondary help. And with no Baker this week it makes this pick a pretty easy one. Even if Denver is a bunch of frauds. 

Broncos 20 Browns 13


Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) vs. Baltimore Ravens (5-1) Sunday 12:00PM


Now this is a divisional matchup that I would like to watch. The Bengals are the underdog here, but by how much? They’ve shown that they can beat the bad teams and compete with the good teams. The young kids have excelled while the defense has been surprisingly incredible. But the Ravens are incredible. Lamar has been MVP Lamar, but with an arm. The defense is spectacular and the running game is full of 30 year old NFL rejects that somehow have worked into a smoke screen for Lamar legs to go. I really like this Bengals team but the Ravens are too good to not pick them.

Bengals 24 Ravens 34


Washington Football Team (2-4) vs. Green Bay Packers (5-1)


This one is easy in my eyes. Washington has been more than underwhelming this season and the defense apparently can’t stop a soul now. Green Bay has the owner of Chicago under center. Go Pack.

WFT 14 Packers 34


Atlanta Falcons (2-3) vs. Miami Dolphins (1-5)


Wow, Miami is bad. Like really bad. The expectations were high for them this year and they have sunk all the way into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlanta, you get spared from my multiple insults and comparing your defense to the amount of holes in swiss cheese. Plus they’re coming off a bye. Give me Atlanta. 

Falcons 31 Dolphins 20


New York Jets (1-4) vs. New England Patriots (2-4) 


It’s the Jets. It’s Belichek versus a rookie QB. It’s also the Jets. Let’s go Pats.

Jets 10 Pats 20


Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) vs. Tennessee Titans (4-2)


The Titans just beat the Bills. That statement is outrageous but it is real. Derrick Henry ran for over a hundred yards and 3 TDs. More believable. I think the Titans have finally hit their stride and that makes me a happy football fan. On the other hand, the Chiefs have not hit their stride. They have been very iffy in all of their games this year. And now they have to face a team coming off of a big win and one of the hottest teams in the NFL. I hate to pick against Mahomes and Reid but I really think King Henry is going to run all over this Chiefs defense and the Titans will win comfortably. 

Chiefs 24 Titans 38


Carolina Panthers (3-3) vs. New York Giants (1-5)


The Giants have no Saquon presumably this week. And Daniel Jones can’t do everything on his own. Plus this whole team past Danny Dimes and Saquon is straight garbage. The Panthers should have this one in the bag. 

Panthers 27 Giants 13


Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (4-2) 3:05 PM


Prove me wrong Raiders. The Raiders played really good against a suspect Broncos defense. And this week they play an even more suspect team in general, the Eagles. Jalen Hurts is cool I guess and Devonta Smith is good some weeks. But past that, they don’t have much. And with how well the Raiders played last week without Gruden, I have confidence they can do it again. 

Eagles 17 Raiders 31


Detroit Lions (0-6) vs. Los Angeles Rams (5-1)



Lions 3 Rams 34 


Houston Texans (1-5) vs. Arizona Cardinals (6-0) 3:25 PM


The Cardinals are undefeated. The Texans starting QB is Davis Mills. Cardinals by a lot.

Texans 7 Cardinals 31


Chicago Bears (3-3) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-1)

The second half of games are just going to be blowouts I guess. The Bears can beat bad teams, but Fields hasn’t looked amazing and the Bucs are the Bucs. Tom Brady at home against a suspect Bears defense is a recipe for disaster for the Bears. Bucs win.

Bears 14 Bucs 31


Indianapolis Colts (2-4) vs. San Francisco 49ers (2-3) 7:20PM


This is a really bad Sunday night game. The Colts have been underwhelming and the 9ers are so injury riddled that they haven’t been good. The Colts are a confusing team. They show that they can score and play good defense and then they collapse like Saquon’s ACL. The 9ers are confusing too. The jury is still out on Trey Lance and the defense has so many injuries it scares me. Even so, it’s Kyle Shanahan off of a bye at home. I see the 9ers pulling out a dub on this one. 

Colts 24 49ers 27


New Orleans Saints (3-2) vs. Seattle Seahawks (2-4) Monday 7:20 PM


The Seahawks have no Russ. And their defense is depleted. The Saints, although having the turnover bakery Jameis Winston, are coming off a bye. Well it’s more that Sean Payton is coming off a bye. The Saints have a good enough defense to stop Geno Smith. So Who Dat nation baby. 

Saints 27 Seahawks 14