NFL Week 10 Predictions


The NFL is in shambles. Just shambles. THE JAGS BEAT THE BILLS. That’s how in shambles the NFL is in. We went 9-5 last week even in a week of upsets and terrible games. Still haven’t picked a score correctly yet but we’re getting there. This puts us at 85-51. Slowly closing in on that 100 win mark. Let’s just get into what you all are waiting for. 


Baltimore Ravens (6-2) vs. Miami Dolphins (2-7) Thursday 7:15 PM


Jesus is this what Thursday Night Football has come to? Just good teams beating the snot out of really bad teams. Just give me the Ravens already. 

Ravens 31 Dolphins 13


New Orleans Saints (5-3) vs. Tennessee Titans (7-2) Sunday 12:00 PM


The Saints just got beat by Cordarelle Patterson and Kyle Pitts. That’s it. The Titans just beat the unstoppable Rams with no Goku Henry. Although I like the Saints defense, I just don’t trust the offense and I like the Titans for being a more well balanced team than the Saints. Titan up. 

Saints 20 Titans 28


Buffalo Bills (5-3) vs. New York Jets (2-6) 


Let’s try this again. Bills. Next game. 

Bills 34 Jets 10


Detroit Lions (0-8) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) 



Lions 13 Steelers 31


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) vs. Indianapolis Colts (4-5)


Urban Meyer is my father. He is my dad. Literally and fictionally. That man is a role model. Dubbing up on the Bills. I couldn’t be more proud of my dad. But I don’t see him doing that again against a hot Colts team. Colts win. 

Jags 14 Colts 27


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2) vs. Washington Football Team (2-6)


Wow, I guess this is just the week where good teams beat up on the scum of the NFL. Give me Tampa off a bye. 

Bucs 31 WFT 17


Cleveland Browns (5-4) vs. New England Patriots (5-4) 


Give Bill Belichek and Mac Jones some credit. They’ve pulled the old Tom Brady playbook out and have succeeded with it and great defensive play. To be only one game back of the Bills is a very impressive feat even if we’re only halfway through the season. By the way does anyone know what’s going on with Odell? He was released and now all of a sudden the Browns are good again. This game is really hard to pick but I think I’m going to go for the more experienced coach with Belichek and the Pats. 

Browns 24 Pats 28


Atlanta Falcons (4-4) vs. Dallas Cowboys (6-2) 


Cordarelle and Kyle, can you calm down? You should be locked down by the Cowboys somewhat good defense. Well, they did let up 30 points last week to the Broncos, but we’ll look past that. Plus the Cowboys offense is so high powered it should rip right through the Falcons defense like paper mache. Go Boys.

Falcons 17 Cowboys 34


Carolina Panthers (4-5) vs. Arizona Cardinals (8-1) 3:05 PM


I don’t care if it’s Colt McCoy or Kyler Murray. Give me the god forsaken Cardinals by a million because apparently they are unbeatable with or without Kyler.

Panthers 14 Cards 34 


Minnesota Vikings (3-5) vs. Los Angeles Chargers (5-3) 


The Chargers vs the worst coached team in the league. I say this every week, but the Vikings are so talented and they have three wins in a division with the Bears and the Lions. I just can’t understand why they keep losing. So the only logical thing to do is pick them to lose. And that’s what I’m going to do. J Herbo hopefully should light up this Vikings defense and they should squeak out a W.

Vikings 28 Chargers 31


Seattle Seahawks (3-5) vs. Green Bay Packers (7-2) 3:25 PM


Russ is back! That’s great, but no matter what, this game comes down to Rodgers. If Rodgers is back and ready to play, I think the Packers should beat Seattle. But if Jlo is at QB it’s going to be a disaster. He looked horrible last week and I don’t think that’s just a week to week change. I’m going to pick the Seahawks here in case Rodgers doesn’t play and we have to suffer through another week of Jordan Love football. 

Seahawks 27 Packers 13


Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) vs. Denver Broncos (5-4) 


Frauds. I’m going to say it every week. Frauds. To be fair they did beat up on a good Dallas team last week but that’s just Denver getting lucky in their path of fraudulent football. But they also play a horrific Eagles team that can’t stop a soul or really do anything other than throw the ball to Devonta Smith. So give me the frauds this week. 

Eagles 10 Broncos 14


Kansas City Chiefs (5-4) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (5-3) 7:20 PM


Wow the Chiefs are bad. To only score 13 points on an injury riddled Packers defense is embarrassing considering the amount of star power on Kansas City, but the Raiders lost to a terrible Giants team with no Saquon. And I think this is an easy matchup for the Chiefs and hopefully can get them back to being a contender like they’re used to.  

Chiefs 31 Raiders 24


Los Angeles Rams (7-2) vs. San Francisco 49ers (3-5) Monday 7:15 PM


The Niners might be the most disappointing team in all of the NFL this year. I had such high expectations for this team after getting basically fully healthy before the season. And the team has completely peed the bed. The QB situation is confusing, the defense isn’t as good as everyone thought, and the coaching hasn’t been Kyle Shanahan like. This team scares me, and not in a good way like the Rams scare me. Oh, and to add on to the Niners misery, this could be the first week the Rams have Von Miller. This should be a romping for the Rams.

Rams 27 49ers 17