NFLWeek 13 Predictions


I am so sorry. I left all of you in the dark for a week. I went 10-5 two weeks ago if that means anything. The Lions lost both weeks. That was pretty upsetting. I also hit the 100 win mark in my all time record. That’s pretty cool. If any of you care I’m 101-64 which is good. Again, I’m so sorry to leave you for a week (even though it was Thanksgiving). With the confusion out of the way let’s fly into it. 


Dallas Cowboys (7-4) vs. New Orleans Saints (5-6) Thursday 7:20 PM


I always knew this Saints team was not for real. Well, if Jaybo was still healthy, I think it would be different but still. They have been just sticking around every week, not being a great team but also not being a terrible team. They are the definition of mediocrity. Plus, the Cowboys kill bad teams. And although they’re on a two game losing streak, I think they come out and kill the Saints on Thursday night. 

Cowboys 28 Saints 13


Minnesota Vikings (5-6) vs. Detroit Lions (0-10-1) Sunday 12:00 PM


The Vikings lost Dalvin Cook to a shoulder injury. Who cares? They’re going to smoke the Lions. Whatever.

Vikings 31 Lions 14


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-3) vs. Atlanta Falcons (5-6)


Oh lord. I see how this week is going to go. Insert Falcons joke about how they’re defense is as thin as Kevin Durant’s legs. And just give me the Bucs pretty please. 

Bucs 34 Falcons 10


Indianapolis Colts (6-6) vs. Houston Texans (2-9)


Jonathan Taylor against a defense that can’t stop a soul. Give me the Colts.

Colts 31 texans 7


Okay, looking at this slate of games and how bad it is this week. I’m just doing a speed round because most of these games don’t need an explanation. 


Philadelphia Eagles (5-7) vs. New York Jets (3-8) 12:00 PM



Eagles 24 Jets 10


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9) vs. Los Angeles Rams (7-4) 3:05 PM



Jags 10 Rams 38


Washington Football Team (4-6) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (6-5) 3:05 PM



WFT 13 Raiders 31


Arizona Cardinals (9-2) vs. Chicago Bears (4-7) 12:00 PM



Cards 31 Bears 10


Okay, speed round over. Thanks for the participation.


New York Giants (4-7) vs. Miami Dolphins (5-7) 12:00 PM


The only reason this isn’t in the speed round is because this is a momentous occasion. IT’S A TANK BOWL. Both of these teams at this point in the season are playing each other for a better draft pick. So the loser here is really the winner. And I think the Dolphins are going to win this one. Although Tua sucks and the team has been very underwhelming, they’re way better than the poverty franchise that is the New York Giants. 

Giants 17 Dolphins 24


Los Angeles Chargers (6-5) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) 


Two very young and promising teams fighting for playoff spots. I can already see the headlines. Burrow vs. Herbert, 1 vs. 5.  I think both of these teams are very good but also very raw. I think it’ll come down to seniority and I know the Chargers have more experience on both sides of the ball. So give me the away underdog in the Chargers. 

Chargers 27 Bengals 24


Baltimore Ravens (8-3) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5-1) 3:25 PM


How the great ones fall Mr. Ben. This Steelers team is depleted on defense with some of their biggest playmakers being out. And that was kind of their only saving grace. Without a competent defense to keep up with the inefficient offense, they have just become a shell of their former selves. And the Ravens have Lamar back. Just give me the Ravens already. 

Ravens 31 Steelers 20


San Francisco 49ers (6-5) vs. Seattle Seahawks (3-8) 


The game of underachievers. The Niners, although very hot, have not been the great giant I was expecting at the start of the year. And the Seahawks have looked horrendous all year even when Russ is under center. I don’t know if it’s a coaching problem or if it’s personnel but whatever it is they need to fix and fix it fast. And I just can’t pick the Seahawks after the skid they have been on and knowing the Niners have been on a hot streak. Give me the Niners. 

49ers 24 Seahawks 13


Denver Broncos (6-5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) 7:20 PM


This game probably would’ve landed in my speed round but it is the Sunday night game. The Chiefs are off of a bye playing against a bad team in Arrowhead. What else is there to like? Pencil in Mahomes for at least 3 TD’s and 300 yards and most importantly a win. 

Broncos 17 Chiefs 31


New England Patriots (8-4) vs. Buffalo Bills (7-4) 7:20 PM Monday 


The hottest team in football plays a divisional foe in a playoff like atmosphere. This game will hopefully bring fireworks. Bill and his new toy, Mac, are on the biggest heater in all of the NFL. The Bills are coming off a huge blowout against the Saints and they looked dominant. This game has me torn. I think the location of the game matters a lot. And Buffalo is one of the hardest places to play in, especially as a rookie. But the Pats are so hot it’s hard not to just trust the genius that is Bill Belichek. This is really hard. Okay, final Answer. Pats.

Pats 31 Bills 28