NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions


After the Wild Card, I went 5-1. It was a somewhat crazy week of the wild card. Mike McCarthy had a large blunder. Bill got blown out and Ben had his retirement party. All in all it was a fun week. We have 4 games this week and they leave a lot of questions. Let’s get to it. 


#4 Cincinnati Bengals at #1 Tennessee Titans Sat 3:30 PM


This is a scary game for both teams. Apparently the Titans will have The King back and healthy for this game but how healthy will be is the question. If he’s 80% of his final form, I would take the Titans here. To have 8/10’s of Derrick Henry is having Joe Mixon. But on the other side, his foot could be a hindrance. And the Bengals having such an explosive offense can get ahead early and not look back. This Bengals team can compete with any offense in the AFC. It’s just the defense that is shaky. They either show a bunch of promise or suck. No in-between. I really think it’s going to be a close game but on the very probable chance Goku comes back and is at power level 9000, give me the Titans. 

Bengals 27 Titans 34 


#6 San Francisco 49ers at #1 Green Bay Packers Sat 7:15 PM


The Niners are a very large dark horse in the playoffs. They are the only team in the playoffs with an actual defense. Well, maybe the Rams; but they’re the only team I can see stop the Pack. Because Rodgers is on a roll, and the team doesn’t look like they have tried since week 10, they cruised to the 1st seed and to be honest, they will probably cruise to another championship game. Although I would love to say the Niners are going to win with good defense and coaching, the Pack are too good to just let a 6 seed beat them. Hammer the Pack.

49ers 24 Packers 34


#4 Los Angeles Rams at #2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sun 2:00 PM


This is the best game of the weekend, no doubt in my mind. This game will come down to Quarterback play. And I’m not saying I’m super doubtful in Tom Brady’s ability to be great especially in the playoffs but he has lost two pivotal offensive linemen and the Rams have a large man down the middle in Aaron Donald. And it will also come down to if Matty Staff is going to be last week’s Matty staff or the last 5 weeks of the season Matty Staff. The Rams are the sexy pick here. They should compete and they would be fun to see compete for a championship. But you can tell me Tom Brady’s whole offensive line burned in a house and I think I would still pick Brady. He’s just too good in the playoffs to lose in the divisional. Maybe the Packers or Niners can stop him but here I just don’t see the Rams doing enough to really take him off his game. Let’s go Bucs. 

Rams 31 Bucs 35


#3 Buffalo Bills at #2 Kansas City Chiefs Sun 5:30 PM


This Sunday double header is incredible. If the Bucs game doesn’t show out like we expect, this game will be the replacement. The Bills looked dominant last week against a really good defense in the Pats. I mean Josh Allen had 5 TD’s and they just toyed with New England. But the Chiefs also dismantled the Steelers. And they looked back to normal. Mahomes also had 5 TD’s with over 400 yards and could’ve had 6 if it wasn’t for Travis Kelce throwing one at the end of the game. So two dominant offenses facing off against each other in a shootout. It’s going to be fun. But let’s take one step back. Everyone knows the Bills have an incredibly underrated defense in the league. Especially against the pass as they have let up the least amount of passing TD’s in the league and are ranked #1 in team defense. But the Chiefs D, who starred as the last team in the league for the first 5 weeks in team defense, has been unstoppable and is ranked all the way up to #8 in the league. So although both of these teams have very electric offense’s their defenses are as special, maybe even better. It makes this game very hard to pick. Again, the sexy pick here is the Bills. They are just young, exciting and haven’t been in the Super Bowl the past two years. But with how hot the Chiefs have been in the past weeks and the fact that Kermit the Frog had a vintage 5 TD performance last week convinces me even more to pick Chiefs. Place my bet for the Chiefs, but this game is going to be neck and neck all the way down to the last whistle. 

Bills 27 Chiefs 30