NFL Championship Week Playoffs


The top two QB’s are out of the playoffs. The last four teams are probably the last teams you thought would make it. Well, except the Chiefs. This week I have also included Bieda’s predictions, because he has done much better than me in the past. Just get into the two games.


Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs Sun 2:00 PM


The Bengals being here is a trip. Joe Shiesty and his gang members have carried this team to an improbable AFC Championship game. I have one gripe with this team though, 9 Sacks. Come on guys. That just can’t happen. Especially against an average Titans defense. Now y’all have to play a top 10 defense in the Chiefs. How will that o-line fare? Not a great situation for Mr. Brrr. On the other side, this is Mahomes fourth trip to the Championship. He is 2-1 already in these games. Only losing in overtime to a guy you may have heard of before, Tom Brady. The Chiefs are on a hunt for their second Super Bowl in 3 years and they will plow through anything that stands in their path. Kelce has been unstoppable, Tyreek peace signed somebody who was in front of him and apparently Byron Pringle is randomly good. Plus the Chiefs have the advantage defensively. They have the advantage on the o-line. And they have the advantage at coach. I mean, all signs point to KC to win this game, which this year hasn’t been good for any team but there’s no way I pick against the team that has made the Super Bowl the last two years in a row. 

Bengals 27 Chiefs 38 

Bieda: Bengals 38 Chiefs 34


San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Sun 5:30 PM


This game is super interesting. I think both of these teams have an even chance at going all the way. The Rams have invested in themselves, doubling down, all year and somehow have come out the other side with another Championship appearance. The Stafford-Kupp connection might have been the best connection all year and the defense has looked stellar especially into this deep playoff run. I wouldn’t trust Cam Akers as much with the two fumbles he lost last week, but the pass offense is so lethal that it shouldn’t matter in most games. Except this one. The Niners defense eats up offenses and if the Rams completely abandon the run early and become very one dimensional, this Niners team can eat up Stafford. The Niners offense themselves will have trouble with Aaron Donald and a rejuvenated Von Miller attacking Jimmy Jesus. But all the Rams need to do is go ahead early and it will be very hard for the Niners to do much against the relentless defense of the Rams. Stafford hates pressure and Jimmy is being faced with two hall of famers on each side. I can’t even look at the coaches because it’s two geniuses on each side. McVay has made this Rams team a perennial contender and Shanahan has done the same. I’ve seen Stafford crumble under a good defense and a lot of pressure. He hates it. The proof is in the pudding. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but give me the Niners for a rematch of the 2020 Super Bowl. 

49ers 20 Rams 17

Bieda: 49ers 14 Rams 24