2022 Super Bowl Prediction


    We’ve made it here. From terrible weeks like the ones where I only missed one game. It’s taken a long season of ups and downs to get us to the biggest game of the year. Our all-time record before this game is 126-78. With one game left, It’s pretty impressive. Even having a pretty bad last two weeks. For the big game we are going to do this differently. We’ll look at both the teams and take a deep dive of how they got there and what they can do. Then after that we’ll look straight into the game itself. Let’s run it.


AFC Champs: Cincinnati Bengals


    If you think that the Bengals were going to be here at the start of the season. You’d be lying. This team showed a lot of heart throughout the whole season and through the playoffs. We all clowned them for not taking Sewell in the draft and taking Chase instea. But one of those two are in the race for Rookie of the Year. Of course, we had questions about Joe Shiesty and his ACL. He shut us up real quick. Just hand him Comeback Player of the Year already. And the signing of Trey Hendrickson has boosted the heck out of that defense and defensive line. The defense as a whole has been incredibly underrated all season. I mean you hold Patrick Mahomes in a playoff game to 24 points after he dropped 5 TD’s in the past two games. That’s pretty Impressive. And holding the freshly rested Titans to only 16 points is another big game from the defense. Of course, Joe Mixon being a threat in the backfield has helped the offense as much as Chase and Burrow have. And Jessie Bates in the secondary helps the defense out a bunch. I mean this team is a bunch of homegrown talent, hungry for success.


NFC Champs: Los Angeles Rams


    The Rams were so loud this off-season and almost as busy in-season. The first move was to take their QB of the future and flip him for a fringe Hall of Famer in Matthew Stafford. Now with Stafford added to the weapons, you now have a potent offense including names like Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Darrell Henderson. Then we saw how much the Rams wanted to be here. They signed a big piece in disgruntled former Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. after week 9 and then bolstered their defense with acquiring pass rusher Von Miller via trade from the Broncos. That’s when we all knew this Rams team was for real. They rolled through the Cardinals. Beat Tom Brady and the Bucs in a thriller. And won a defensive stalemate with the 49ers to make it here. Cooper Kupp has MVP votes, Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donlad have anchored this team for the past three years and now with the new pieces in the mix this could be their year. Plus, having a genius mind in Sean McVay calling plays it’s very hard not to pick the Rams.


Super Bowl Sunday: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams 5:30 PM So-Fi Stadium


    First let’s point out the obvious. This is a literal home game for the Rams. So expect the fans to be loud and rowdy for the home team. I see this game going one of two ways. Either the Rams will blow out Cincy and make it not even a contest or the Bengals will keep it a close game all the way to the end. If it’s number two I have no idea who comes out on top. The Rams are just better at almost every position, it’s really hard not to pick the Rams. But the Bengals were outmanned in every position last week against a team way more experienced and they slapped them around. Cincy is just so young. They don’t have much or really any Super Bowl veteran presence where 95% of the Rams have either made it with L.A. or have made it with their other respected teams. Although part of that 5% that hasn’t made it is Matty Staff. I’ve sat and thought about who I’m going to pick for the past week and still have no idea. My final answer… LA Rams. They’re too good to let this opportunity slip from their hands. And although I think the Bengals are Super Bowl worthy, I think they need one more year to fully tap into that potential. So final answer: Rams.

Bengals 27 Rams 31

Bieda: Bengals 31 Rams 30