Sliding into the Soccer Season


With the spring season rolling around, the girls varsity soccer team starts to lace their boots in preparation to make a change. The team is coming off of a rough 20-21 season, in which they finished with a 3-10-2 overall record. In addition, the team was very senior heavy, meaning they are going to miss a few key assets from last year. The girls this year are determined to make a turnaround.

With extremely high hopes, senior midfielder Taylor Stubitsch is willing to bring more to the table. “Last year I think we didn’t have a lot of chemistry as a team. This year, we have great bonds with one another off of the field, and I think that will translate onto the field.” As much as the team chemistry will help, Stubitsch still believes there is more to offer to this program. “One of my biggest pet peeves is lack of effort. Hard work is something I know I can bring to the team.” Stubitsch hopes that her effort and competitiveness that she puts into practice will encourage her teammates to work just as hard. 

In terms of putting in hard work, the ladies have been very active this offseason, “we have been competing in an indoor league to get some touches on the ball before the start of the season,” senior defender, Reagan Cherwin said. They have also been hammering away during their open gym sessions that take place early in the morning before school. “Doing these preseason activities is not only developing our technical skills, but it’s bringing us together as a team. We have a lot of desire this season,” said Cherwin. With this being her final year, she wants to make this season memorable.

The Mustangs have the facilities to show great improvement this year compared to their previous season. Senior midfielder Vannessa Campos has especially been focusing on her personal play. “Something I do to improve my playing style is watch soccer games with my dad. I’m able to study the world class midfielders and apply what I see on TV to when it is gametime.”

Campos believes that the girls will be able to win some games this season, “we hope our hard work will reflect on the field. We want to be successful and win as many games as possible.” 

The devotion from the Rolling Meadows Girls Varsity soccer team makes them a team to hopefully look out for once the season starts. The team is eager to start the season, but continue to wait patiently for their first game on March 14 at 6:45, as they are hosted by the Warriors of Deerfield on Deerfield’s home turf. Cheer on the girls as they are committed to making a comeback season.