RMHS Girls Varsity Basketball Wrap-up


With the 2021-2022 Varsity Girls Basketball season ending, this is what you missed. This year the team ended off their season with a 16-14 record. They had a few ups and downs but overall this year was a success. I asked Head Coach Ryan Kirkorsky some questions about the season as a whole and this is what he had to say.

    When asked who the playmakers were this year, Kirkorsky stated, Seniors Emily Galvan and Moira Hickey. They were also named MSL All Conference. Seniors Nicole Davis and Alison Sellergren also brought a big contribution to this team.  

    When asked about what was special this year, Kirkorsky said, “This group created a special bond with each other.”

“We were all so close, especially us 6 seniors;we have all been playing since 5th grade,these girls became some of my best friends.” Galvan said.

These girls have a great connection on and off the court which is a big reason why they were successful throughout their 4 years at Rolling Meadows.

    When asked what is something that he will take into the following seasons, “We just want to continue to balance having fun while upholding the standards of our program.” Kirkorsky said. This program is very big on SCHAPE (Spirit, Communication, Hustle, Approach, Precision, and Enhance) and overall team unity as a whole. Every time they step on the court they are playing for each other.

    When I asked the seniors what they would miss the most, their answers were all the same. They would miss the memories on and off the court and playing with each other. Hickey said, “The team aspect and culture we have is something I will miss greatly. It’s hard to find a group of girls that all truly like each other. We all love being together at practice, games, and team outings.”

    When I asked the seniors what their favorite memory was they all said beating New Trier in double overtime. Davis hit a buzzer beater 3 to send them into overtime and then Galvan hit another buzzer beater 3 to send them to double overtime, where they ended up winning.

    What does the future look like for our Mustangs? Well, most of them do not plan to play in college, but Galvan does. Galvan has committed to play at Illinois Wesleyan which is a Division III school. She said that Meadows had an impact on her and that she “didn’t want it [basketball] to end my senior year of high school.”

    When I asked Sellergren advice for incoming freshmen who plan to play she said, “Don’t be afraid to be yourself because there’s always going to be teammates who accept you no matter who you are.” This team will always have your back, so if you’re a freshman reading this, go try out!

    We can’t wait to see how our Mustangs do in their next chapter and how our incoming Mustangs do next year! We are very excited to see what the next season may bring us!