Sports Previews Spring 2022

Sports Previews Spring 2022

Girls Badminton

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Coach Kenneth Mills

“It is the second most popular sport in the world.  It is an olympic sport.  It is fast paced and has long and exciting rallies”

Notable Athletes include: Seniors Vicky Coneva, Olivia Jalbrzykowski and Ginny Borczykowska.

Best Competition: Fremd High School

Boys Baseball 

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Coach Matt Rice

Students should come out because we have a great group of kids, we play the game the right way, and it’s a very fun atmosphere.”

Notable Athletes include: Seniors Nick Benkler and PJ Ford

Best Competition: All of the MSL

Girls Soccer

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Coach Michael Drenth

Students should come watch soccer because it is fast paced and the girls are tough and work hard.”

Notable Athletes include: Seniors: Vanessa Campos, Taylor Stubitsch, Reagan Cherwin

Juniors: Cassidy Pardini, Vanessa Adan, Irmina Mroz

Sophomore: Chiara Divito

Best Competition: All of the MSL

Boys Tennis 

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Coach Bruce Wedell

Come on out to watch a match and you can sit ten feet away from the action. You get an appreciation for how fast the varsity level game is.”

Notable Athletes Include: Seniors Anthony Vercillo and Ethan Bertermann, Sophomores Emilio Escamilla, Petar Popovic, Peter Karlos and Chris Limber.

Best Competition: Hersey and Prospect


Boys Track

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Coach Frank Schweda

“Track & Field brings together all different types of athletes.  It also is a team sport that can double as an individual sport.  It is very easy to see improvement in your events as everything is timed or measured.”

Seniors: Michael Campbell, Elijah Perry, Diego Buenrostro, Matthew Greenholt and Georgios Simos.

Competitors: All of MSL


Girls Track

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Coach Steven Henry 

Anyone that is willing to work and come to practice every day gets better. They run faster, 

jump further, and improve throughout the season.”

Notable Athletes Include: 

Senior: Ore Oloro, Lauren Schiele, Rosie Piscitello

Junior: Colette Lampa, Melina Moreno, Hannah Oloro

Biggest Competitors: Prospect, Hersey, Barrington, and Palatine


Boys Volleyball

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“Students should come out to watch because every second of every match is action-packed.  From the first serve to the last kill, we’re going to be doing everything we can to make sure we end up on top.”

Seniors: Filip Kierzkowski, Ryan Schoessling, Carter Powers and Ariel Martinez 

Competitors: All of MSL


Girls Water Polo

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“My favorite thing about water polo is the never-ending surprises. Watching athletes succeed in accomplishing seasonal goals is the best part of the job. “

Junior:  Rachel Malik

Senior: Katherine Armsey, and Madelyn Rappa 

Biggest competitor: Highland Park