RMHS Theatre’s “Our Town” Review


Our Town is a very sweet story when it comes to the first act.  The stage manager, played by Madelyn Bixby, is explaining the town. She goes on to say it’s a small town where everyone knows each other. It makes them seem so close together and in turn, makes it very meaningful to the audience. She does a great job at making you feel a part of the town. 

The wedding act where Emily, played by Molly Ryan, and George, played by Jack Repack,  got married was just absolutely adorable. It really shows how the youth is scared to grow up and move on from home. Everyone from town attended the wedding. Maggie Snell’s part really tied the whole thing together. I was holding back laughter. 

When Emily was telling George how much he changed and she didn’t like him anymore, no one in school liked how he had changed. He promised he would change for the better and got a soda float for the both of them to celebrate getting elected as the schools president and cheer man. 

The ending of the show was just so sad. Everyone that had passed in the town was laid to rest on the hill. As the lights went on, you could see there was one chair left, seeing everyone walk out and Emily sitting in the last chair made my heart break. Emily passed during child birth to her second child. Seeing her husband fall on the ground really just showed how much he loved her. Molly Ryan did so good at portraying that to the audience 

She gets the chance to relive a more day, and she’s told to not pick an important day or even pick a day. She ignores what she is told and decides to go back to her 12th birthday; she just gets to watch it all happen. Emily tries to tell her mom everything from the future that she got married and has a baby boy and how she passed away. Emily’s mom can’t hear her, she’s going about the day just as it happened years ago. When she returns back to the hill, she tells them all how awful it is Simon, the church’s choir leader, gives this speech about how ignorant the living people are for not ever noticing or appreciating being alive. 

Overall, this show was great. The Rolling Meadows theater crew really brought it to life. That’s not only due to the actors and actresses, The entire crew did an amazing job at making the show run smoothly behind the scenes.