Time management at RMHS


At RMHS, time is everything. As a senior, you have to know when you get back from lunch, what time you have during passing periods and when you have to be at school after your late arrival. So as an upperclassman with superior knowledge, I thought I would express what I use to manage myself as well as other upperclassmen.

For me, time management is a struggle. I always see myself leaving too late or talking too much with my friends that by the time I get to class I’m late. Setting an alarm for leaving your house almost always works. And for me, when in school, I use my watch or phone to check the seconds before class starts so I know exactly how much time I have before class. 

When it comes to management outside of school with stuff like homework, I suggest going to work one at a time. If you look at all of your homework as one big glob of worksheets and papers, you’re going to fail. Knocking down homework one subject at a time, you feel more accomplished finishing a whole subject than just one worksheet from a different subject. For example, I had Creative Writing and Speech homework last night. I did the speech homework first because it was the longest and hardest. Then I took a break. Ate a very nice dinner. Then knocked out the creative writing homework I had later that night. 

For the senior baseball player, Antonio Debartolo it is a different story. “With games and practices every day I don’t get home until 6 at the earliest.” He says that his way of dealing with homework is doing it in class or a study hall, so when he goes home he can just chill. “I haven’t done much homework at home, I’ve really just got it done in classes,” Debartolo says he hasn’t been as stressed lately because he’s finally cracked the code of time management. “I feel great, to be honest after 4 years of playing and dealing with the late-night homework sessions, I’ve finally figured out how to get through it with minimal stress.”