News Briefs

The Crucible posters are all around the school. All students worked extremely hard for the show, spending day and night on the set. Set in 1692, the play tells the story of the Salem witch trials. It covers themes of hysteria, morality, and justice. The play confronts viewers to question how their society is being run. However, the real question is if it was worth it: did teachers, students, and their families enjoy the 1960’s tragedy? On the night of its final appearance, the audience gave them a standing ovation. The audience had a positive review and loved seeing the many talented RMHS individuals make the play possible. Everyone who worked, backstage and onstage, truly deserved the standing ovation for their phenomenal performance.


EKG testing was on Nov 2nd, held by the HeartSmart foundation. A representative of this non-profit organization had come to the school in October 2022 and delivered an emotional speech on how the foundation started. The president of this organization had a son die of a heart attack, a death that could have been prevented if the son had taken an EKG test. The goal of HeartSmart is to spread awareness of how common heart diseases are among teenagers, and that EKG testing can prevent most of them. For just $20, students at Rolling Meadows High School had the opportunity to get an EKG test done on November 2nd, 2022. 


Mock Trial is a team whose members are presented with one huge legal case file, usually made by the bar association. The members then assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses for both the prosecution and defense sides. Each side analyzes and deduces the nuances and contracts their own opening/ closing statement questions and answers. It is essentially one big moot trial. This club, sponsored by Mrs. McNallyis fun and all the members love participating in it. This club helps future lawyers to be exposed to that kind of environment in High school.


The National Honor Society (NHS) held its annual blood drive on October 25, 2022. Every day, more than 10,000 patients rely on the generosity of blood donors to survive. All healthy RMHS mustangs, who are over the age of 16 were encouraged to donate blood. The only requirement, other than the age limit and a parent permission form was to eat iron-rich food and to drink extra water prior to the drive. The blood drive was a success, and thanks to all the hard work shown by NHS students, mustangs had the opportunity to save some lives!