Comedy Sportz Review


    Comedy Sportz returned to Rolling Meadows High School on February 10th, 11th, and 12th and like always, it was hilariously spectacular. This year’s stage featured many new players, as well as old. Comedy Sportz’s four showings were a huge success. This was achieved with the help of senior student directors Lilya Viytyk and Maggie Snell, along with theater director Stephanie Svarz, and the entire tech crew.

    I saw the show on Friday night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every student gave an amazing performance. They played a variety of classic improv games, requiring the players to think on their feet. It must be nerve racking, as they are being watched by an audience, and are being relied on by their teams. However, no student showed any signs of nervousness , and they all seemed to be having tons of fun up on stage without missing a beat.

    It’s not only the necessity for the players to think on their feet that poses a challenge, but there also is a great importance for them to work well with their teammates. The students had to directly rely on the other players to continue the scenes in a way that makes sense. The actors spend so much time working with each other for weeks beforehand to gain that trust and compatibility together to make the show flow.

    While all the performers did amazing, a few students in particular made me laugh like no other. I witnessed some exceptional improv from seniors Madelyn Bixby and Payton Kohlberg. No question as to why these two students were team leaders, because they were spectacular. Not only were they able to dish out hilarious and witty lines just like that, but they included funny accents that perfectly displayed not only their improv skills, but acting skills as well.

    Some other notable players include Payton Hall, Eddy Finch, Nicky LoSasso and Kyle O’Brien. While every performer was, without a doubt, exceptional. I found these students in particular to have risen above the game, giving some extraordinary performances.

    Comedy Sportz is without a doubt my favorite show put on by the RMHS theater department. It’s so funny and so well done. If you missed the showings, I highly recommend watching it next year. I know I will!