2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show Review


    The Halftime show this year had a lot of mixed reviews. From the younger audience, a lot of people hated it while the millennial audience saw it as the greatest halftime show of all time. I’m on the fence; It definitely wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but wasn’t the worst. So let’s go through each performance, rate them and then see them as a whole.

    Let’s start with the biggest attraction, Dr. Dre. Dre did everything I expected. He didn’t get too turnt or do anything spectacular, but he did exactly what I wanted. He played the hits like “Still Dre, The Next Episode” and” California Love” flawlessly. He started the show sitting at the mixing table and then went right into “The Next Episode.” He was perfect from start to finish. An A+ for Mr. Dre.

    Next up, Snoop. If Dre was the biggest attraction, Snoop stole the show. He was crip walking, wearing a large blue bandana sweatsuit and ad-libbing every word anyone was rapping. Snoop was the first one to start rapping in the show and didn’t rap another word for the rest of the show. All Snoop did was dance, vibe and add to the whole experience. It was everything we wanted from him and more.

    I would say the 50 Cent cameo was confusing but also enjoyable. He came in upside down just like the “In Da Club” music video and at first, again, I was very confused. Who invited 50 Cent to the Halftime Show? But as he went on, I think we started to vibe more to the music. He only did his one song but all in all he was great for the show.

    Now for the disappointment of the show… Mary. J. Blige. Now I don’t listen to Blige’s music, but even if I did, I have a feeling I wouldn’t have liked her performance. She was hard to hear at times and her performance itself was pretty boring considering all she had was backup dancers and her singing. Her part of the show was probably my least favorite part but didn’t ruin it at all.

    Kendrick Lamar had so much potential. He went crazy, no doubt in my mind. But the choice to play Alright was a wrong idea for me. I would’ve liked to see “King Kunta” or “i” but he still went crazy on the verse of Alright. He started with the intro to “M.a.a.d. City” and went straight into “Alright” with dancers all around him. The scene was pretty incredible. He had his moment, took it and shined, Now let’s see the album.

    Lastly, the Detroit native, Eminem came in with his big hit “Lose Yourself.” Again, not my favorite choice for Em but it is his biggest hit so I can’t blame him. It would’ve been way more fun to see “The Real Slim Shady” or “Without Me,” but nevertheless he did the “8 Mile” hit pretty well. And the transition from him to Dre on the piano keys was flawless. His performance itself was class, maybe a little hard to hear at times, but was perfect for Em and his image.

    Now altogether, they didn’t do a joint song which was sad; but I think it was a perfect ending with “Still Dre.” Dre was able to get his number one song off as the closer for the Halftime Show and Snoop was able to ad-lib after every bar. They all ended up coming up to the middle of the stage and stood together as one as Dre was barking his last few bars. All in all, they all did their part and made a pretty memorable Halftime Show.