The Crucible, The Rolling Meadows Fall Play

This year, the fall play will be “The Crucible.” It will be performed in the theater from October 13-15. 

Set in 1692, the play tells the story of the Salem witch trials. It covers themes of hysteria, morality, and justice. The play confronts viewers to question how their society is being run. 

“I like that it challenges how we see and understand our communities and how important it is to look out for all voices, particularly those who are marginalized by the power structures in place,” teacher and director Stephanie Svarz said. 

“The Crucible” not only challenges the audience, but also the actors. 

“‘The Crucible’ is a very emotionally intense show and in order to act my character believably, I have to go out of my comfort zone,”  junior Kate Svoboda, explains.

 Overall, the play seems to hold a message that is specifically important for audiences to hear right now. People are very quick to judge or “cancel” public figures, possibly without hearing the full story. This show may shine a light on the effects of people or a community being exiled from society. Senior Kaleigh William states, “My biggest takeaways is that people thought so differently many years ago and times have changed for the better since then.”