Arts Unlimited


The 46th annual Arts Unlimited Reception was held on April 7th, 2022. Mr. Maxwell was recognized as a recipient of the prestigious “Friend of The Arts” award. Along with this, the reception featured some of the finest works of art and literature District 214’s students have to offer. Only 12 students are chosen from each of the 6 high schools in the district every year, and these are the students chosen from Rolling Meadows High School: 


(Literary artists)  

Lucas Vittore with “Good Evening”

Janvi Patel with “Where the Magnolias Grow”

Mikaela Carreon with “Click”

Jenalee Cox with “Incinerated”

Lauren Naunheimer with “Puppet”

Bridgett O’Grady with “Why we crave distraction”


(Visual artists)

Paige Cosico with “Lola Lucy”

Natalia Grzeda with “Vivid Greenery”

Iman Jaber with “Standing Tall”

Alexandra Lucas with “Game Day”

Brandon Moreno with “Primavera”

Shelby Paluch with “Botanical Walk” 


These students’ works are included in the 2020 Arts Unlimited Anthology on Https://