RMHS Student Attends State Of The Union

At President Biden’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, February 7th, RMHS sophomore Kate Foley could be seen sitting beside First Lady Jill Biden as one of Dr. Biden’s personal guests.

Back in November, Foley was one of the students to welcome Dr. Biden to Rolling Meadows to discuss District 214’s Career Pathway Program. Biden showed appreciation for Foley’s enthusiasm about the engineering pathway, and invited her to Washington, D.C. for the State of the Union.

Foley received a personal phone call from Biden on Friday, asking her to come. She flew to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning and stayed Tuesday and Wednesday, even getting to explore sights and museums in D.C. with her mom.

“Tuesday was a lot of preparation and then the actual State of the Union [happened]. I was nervous for most of the day, then got calmer as it went on. I think it was an incredible opportunity I was given, and I am so thankful for it,” said Foley. What an amazing experience for an amazing Mustang!