The Tech Dilemma

In this day and age, our learning revolves around the use of technology. Rather it be taking notes, studying for tests, or even taking tests everything is done with the use of technology. Specifically, the use of our school iPads here at RMHS. But what happens when our technological needs aren’t being met.

In recent years, technology has been introduced to schools in an innovative way that has completely changed the scope and definition of day-to-day learning. Every aspect of our learning comes with the use of technology. As a result, many schools, including RMHS, have added a tech support office in their schools to make sure that any problem that arises is taken care of. 

“We are always working on refining our processes within the building as new problems arise with the iPads,” said Paul Fjaks, the technology services supervisor. However, in some instances, this can create more problems and stress than necessary. 

“I was bashed for not knowing the character limit on my school email. My last name is really long and the last letter of my email address got cut off,”  sophomore Isabella Espronceda-Garcia said.

Many students have even had situations taken to the next level. Some examples include the suggestion of wiping an iPad over a simple app failure or being given an attitude when asking for help on something that may seem like common sense to a person who is fluent in tech, but confusing to the everyday student. In some cases, problems are ignored completely. 

“How was I supposed to know that there is a character limit when making an email address?” Espronceda-Garcia said. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some positives to having a tech help center. 

“I lost my iPad in school and I went down to the tech office to see if they could help. They told me the exact location of my iPad and helped me out a ton as I didn’t know where to look,” sophomore Franchesca Vazquez said. 

All in all, dealing with tech can make a simple problem a headache at times. 

“Improvements can always be made. Communication is something I believe we can improve on. We unload a lot of information to students early freshman year about tech and they rely on email, Schoology, and teachers to communicate with students,” said Fajks.

Many chose to simply leave the problem as is until it gets to the point where repair is absolutely necessary. This can become a problem as an iPad has become an everyday learning material. Without an iPad, students can become more prone to falling behind in class than they already are.