Celebrating the Seniors of RMHS Girls Gymnastics


The Girls Varsity Gymnastics team celebrated seniors Brooklynn Hextall, Emily Douglas, Nicol Barragan Romero, Melina Moreno, and Caitlin Widawski during their senior night on Wednesday, January 11th. Like any senior night, it was a bittersweet moment: on the one hand, it’s a night to celebrate the achievements of the senior class, but on the other, it’s a moment that signifies that they’ll be leaving a sport that was so dear to them in their high school years. 


“[I’m going to miss] being able to do the sport I love, and working hard for the best team score.” Four-year member Brooklynn Hextall said. 


Hextall’s love for the sport not only lies in competing, but in team camaraderie as well. Some of her favorite memories were made “going into practice ready to have a good time with [her] teammates and listening to good music” during practice. 


For two-year member Nicol Barragan Romero, the team dynamic has given her the motivation to keep doing gymnastics and she’s “definitely going to miss cheering [her] teammates on during meets and practices.” She enjoys the excitement “when someone gets a new skill or does a great routine.”


“Gymnastics is a very individual sport but it also brings us all together as a team to support and push each other.” Barragan Romero said. 

While the girls lift each other up and support one another, they couldn’t have gotten to this point in their gymnastics careers without the direction of Coach Michael Costa. Costa’s exceptional coaching has truly impacted the lives of the senior gymnasts and has led them to learn lessons they will hold with them for the rest of their lives. 

Costa has taught me to truly see my full potential, be confident, and stop having self doubt,” Barragan Romero said, “I think I will carry that with me forever because it’s a very important lesson for all aspects of life.” 


For Hextall, Costa taught her that “you have to have the right mindset” when trying to achieve a goal and to believe in yourself “while putting in all your effort to achieve [that] goal.”

When asked about his experience coaching these girls, Costa’s words radiated with pride. 

“There has been exponential growth both in skill development and maturity.” Costa said, “ I am very proud of how these girls represent RMHS during bad and good times. They remain composed and positive in the face of adversity.”


Costa advises future gymnasts and athletes of any sport to “enjoy every moment of this four year experience. These are the best years of your life. Don’t allow yourself to look back at your [high school] career with a ‘should have, could have’ attitude.”